Who We Are

StepUp Wellness is a company helping people manage stress and anxiety levels and assist them in becoming steady achievers in their quest for successful careers… so they can have their well-deserved promotions and bonuses without burning or stressing out. We give people tools to fully enjoy life inside and outside of the office walls.

Meet Elena, a yoga & meditation teacher, oil & gas professional and a founder of StepUp Wellness.

What we offer

We offer unique stress management programs based on yoga and meditation. Being young professionals ourselves we understand the frequent urgency and high stakes of the corporate world. We are all about efficiently and seamlessly blending mindfulness with the modern lifestyle of a successful achiever. That’s why we created the wellness programs you can enjoy in the convenience of your office or home.

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How we can help you

You work hard, you are good at what you do, but sometimes you can’t help but feel fatigued, anxious and unproductive. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that all these are the signs of work-related stress. Our programs were specifically developed to combat stress – the hidden threat of every workplace. This is your transition to becoming focused, energized, clear, creative, productive, flexible and strong.

Here is what other happy clients have to say!

“…The yoga classes I attended have helped me with my core strength and expanding my lung capacity with the breathing exercises we do. I find that I’m physically and mentally relaxed after leaving the class and this helps me get through the rest of the afternoon.  I find that I sleep better when I use the relaxation techniques before going to bed at night. I really enjoy the entire class but it is the guided relaxation and breathing at the end that is my favorite…”

Andrew Wylie
Andrew WylieShell Global Account Manager - HSE & SQ
“…Elena’s class challenged my strength and flexibility.  I felt stronger and even taller!  I felt more relaxed and had more energy to finish my day.  Elena’s class was an excellent mental break and helped my brain focus on nothing other than the poses. My favorite part of the class was the 1 on 1 feedback and correction.  It helped to have adjustments throughout the class to hold the poses properly and safely. Elena is a fantastic instructor.  She deeply cares about yoga practice and improving the experience for her students.  Her commitment to wellness shows!…”
Rebecca Seidl
Rebecca SeidlBHP Billiton, Counsel, Legal Petroleum

“Great Yoga teacher… challenging and fun!”

Mark Bunch
Mark BunchDavis Petroleum, Asset Manager

“…With Elena’s yoga classes, it was a complete getaway from the stresses of the office.  I am more focused and calm when I returned to the office and it offered a nice complement to the other strength and cardio classes offered at the gym. I absolutely loved the guided relaxation at the end. I have a hard time escaping my own mind and her guided relaxation really helped me escape the constant chatter in my brain…”

Jennifer Burkland
Jennifer BurklandBHP Billiton, Lead Company Secretary FI

“…After a couple yoga sessions I started to feel more flexible, instead of sore and stiff.  I feel like stretching my back and neck in class help to relieve pain and headaches that I was having. Mentally, I felt more relaxed after class with more ambition to come back to my desk and be productive, with the feeling of less stress even though my work load hadn’t changed…”

Allison Caraway
Allison CarawayHalliburton

“…Being that the class was in the middle of the day, it was a perfect break from work to return energized. Stretching was my favorite. Although the last part when you just relax at the end is pretty cool too! One of the few instructors that was looking a round to make sure people have the right form…walking around and adjusting people at all levels. Very strong all around! I hope to see more of Elena!!!…”

Mario Araya
Mario ArayaBHP Billiton, Supply