Why Should You Start Alternative Nostril Breathing Today?

Your nose is very intelligent!

Just by practicing alternative nostril breathing several minutes a day you can calm your mind and nervous system, improve communication and balance between left and right hemisphere of the brain and improve your sleep! Pretty cool, ha?

Also an interesting fact. Have you ever wondered why you have two nostrils, not one? The thing is you don’t breathe through both nostrils equally through the day. Your body uses your nose as an ultimate cooling/heating system.

Left nostril breathing is calming, soothing, cooling and brings you into receptive and relaxed state of mind.

Right nostril breathing is energizing, heating, making you focused and activating your intellectual and decision-making abilities.

Your nose is directly linked to your brain and nervous system.

Breathing in through your left nostril will access the right “feeling” hemisphere of your brain, and breathing in through your right nostril, will access the left “thinking” hemisphere of your brain.  Consciously alternating your breath between both nostrils will allow you to activate and access your whole brain.

Medical science is confirming it, too. It has recently discovered the nasal cycle, something that was known by the yogis thousands of years ago. Scientists have recently found that we don’t breathe equally with both nostrils, that one nostril is much easier to breathe through than the other at any particular time and that this alternates about every two-three hours.

This is by far my favorite pranayama (another word for breathing exercise). A lot of my students fall in love with it, too!

Let’s give it a try with the audio.

Action Required

Start practicing daily for 30 seconds and build to 1-3 minutes a day. Alternate nostril breathing should not be practiced if you have a cold or if your nasal passages are blocked in any way. Instead, do Ujjayi Breathing.