Beat Your Stress and Increase Productivity in Just 3 Minutes with This Easy Meditation Technique

Nowadays more and more people turn to meditation as a way to cope with anxiety and stress. Mindfulness programs become more popular in the workplaces by the day.

Today, I’ll teach you the simple and effective Meditation for Stress Release. It will instantly bring the feeling of rejuvenation and relax your nervous system. It will  optimize your clarity, intuition, and decision-making capacities. The best thing it’s extremely easy to learn!

This meditation works on many levels.

Hand position

The hands are intimately connected to our brain. Scientists mapped hands to different parts of our brain. Did you know that fetus’s hands are developed from the same tissue as the brain? Hand positions (or mudras) we use in yoga and meditation will activate different parts of the brain. The mudra used in the Meditation for stress release will balance left (“thinking”)  and right (“feeling”) hemisphere of the brain and improve communication between two. This in its turn will help in stressful situations as we tend to get stuck in one or the other.

Breath pattern

The deep inhale gives endurance and calmness. The breath pattern where we rhythmically exhale through the mouth in several strokes as in Meditation for stress release activates the parasympathetic nervous system  due to stimulation of reflex points around the throat. That will kick in the relaxation response and get you out of ‘fight or flight’ state. The strokes of the exhale stimulate the pituitary gland to optimize your clarity, intuition, and decision-making capacities.


meditation for stress release

  • Can be done sitting in a chair or a cross legged posture on a floor. Spine long.
  • Touch the fingertips of both hands in front of the heart. Press the fingertips into each other enough for the first phalanges of the fingers to touch. Thumbs facing the chest. Widen the elbows so the forearms  make one line parallel to the floor.
  • Close your eyes 90% and focus at the tip of the nose.
  • Inhale long and deep through the nose.
  • Exhale through the rounded lips 8 equal strokes. Each exhale pull the belly in sharply.
  • Keep going with this breath pattern for 3 minutes.

Action Required

Start with 3 minutes a day and gradually build it to up to 11 minutes.