Staying on a Computer for Long Hours? Maintain Your Vision with this Simple Technique

Want to effectively counteract harmful computer screen effects on your eyes?

Want to maintain and often improve your vision?

Want to relax your nervous system and calm your mind in just 3 minutes?

Do eye exercises!

Eye exercises are designed to strengthen the eye muscles, improve focusing, improve eye movements, and stimulate the vision center of the brain.

There are numerous tiny muscles around our eyes. We use them all the time! Relaxing and stretching those muscles is a key to good vision and healthy eyes.

There are also reflex points around the eyes, that when stimulated, bring overall relaxation and peace of mind.

Most of us are in the following cycle: computer, driving, TV, reading on an iPad, then rinse and repeat. Eyes are considered the most abused of all five senses. Oftentimes the hardest thing for my students to do in class is not to go into handstand but to close their eyes!

No wonder eye exercises are getting more popular among professionals who want to maintain their health. Doctors are getting onboard with eye exercises, too. There are doctors who may recommend eye exercises for eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, increased sensitivity to bright light, tired eyes, or difficulty sustaining attention.

Here’s the simple technique to effectively exercise your eyes in just 3 minutes!

It truly saved my vision when, as a young software engineer in training, I would spend days and nights in front of the computer screen.

Let’s give it a try along with the audio!

Action Required

Start taking breaks from your computer work (at least every 3 hours) to do this simple exercise to maintain your vision and eyes’ health.