Here’s my story

I wear lots of hats. I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, stress management coach, software engineer by trade and a female entrepreneur.

In this hectic modern world, I help people manage stress and anxiety levels and assist them in becoming steady achievers in their quest for successful careers… so they can have their well-deserved promotions and bonuses without burning or stressing out. I give people tools to fully enjoy life inside and outside of the office walls. I’m absolutely thrilled about what I do!

My specialization

Yoga & Meditation
Stress Management
Oil & Gas

How it all started

I’ve been in the oil and gas industry for almost 10 years, including work in international projects. It was always fun to be a high potential employee and have an amazing career perspective. However, there was a price tag attached to all that glory.

I learnt first-hand about what stress and anxiety caused by a high-pressure environment was. Things went south when it started to affect my performance and focus, as well as my health.

I found myself where most of my clients are finding themselves now. Stressed out, chronically fatigued, with deteriorating health and ready for a change.

I had to wake up or lose the job and my career. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, guided relaxation techniques – I had to apply ALL I knew to create my own easy-to-follow technique that helped alleviate my stress levels.

I spent hundreds of hours studying with some pretty big names of the mindfulness world, searching for optimal ways to integrate that into the workplace.

It took me a while, but the results were super exciting. My productivity went sky-high, as did my self-confidence and the ability to enjoy life both inside and outside of the corporate walls. I felt like I had my life back and all I did was simple techniques that anyone could do. It immediately reflected in my personal life and my relationships. I became so passionate about sharing the message that I started my business StepUp Wellness to help people like myself cross that bridge.

What am I passionate about?

I just LOVE seeing people stepping up to their own wellness (now you know why I called my company ‘StepUp Wellness’). I had to step up to my health and joy first, and then show others how to OWN their WELLNESS and ultimately professional and personal SUCCESS.

What makes me unique?

I’m a ‘corporate yogini’. I’m a down-to-earth young professional who understands the frequent urgency and high stakes of the corporate world. I don’t wear baggy yoga clothes or say things like ‘peace out, man’. I’m all about efficiently and seamlessly blending mindfulness with the modern lifestyle of a successful achiever.

“Elena’s passion for what she does is only comparable with the experience she has in the mindfulness field. She teaches our team simple techniques that we could use to boost our productivity and release our work-related stress. Such an elementary skill we all should learn if we want to get the best of our careers and our life outside of the office!”

Lora SudeLogistics Manager