From stressed out, anxious and fatigued to productive, focused and successful!

Stress management programs in the convenience of your office. 

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Why office yoga?

You work hard, you are good at what you do, but sometimes you can’t help but feel fatigued and sluggish, anxious and unproductive. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that all these are the signs of work-related stress. Have you ever wondered how much longer it will be before you cave in under the pressure of a high-paced and demanding environment?

How many hours a day do you spend in the office? Now, imagine there’s a timeslot in your day where you restore your body from the constant sitting and working at the computer and you give your hard-working brain a much-needed break. And all of that in the convenience of your office. You can get to it just by walking down the hall.


  • Focus

  • Energy

  • Clarity

  • Creativity

  • Productivity

  • Flexibility and strength

  • Team building

Real Story

John, one of our ‘office yoga’ students, says it’s the best wellness related program he could ever expect from his employer. He jokes that ‘Office Yoga’ should become part of the ‘Employer Benefits’ package. He even started to teach his wife some of the stress management techniques he learned while in class.

JohnIT Senior Analyst

Some fascinating facts

Stress is a hidden threat in every workplace. The results of research published by GCC conducted in 2014 and which aggregated the voices of more than 160,000 employees around 185 countries suggests:

one in every three employees (36%) reported feeling stressed, highly stressed, or extremely stressed at work, with a further 39% reporting moderate levels of workplace stress.

Women reported feeling higher levels of stress than men, although, as we’ll explore later, this may partly be attributed to a willingness to talk more openly about the subject.

Workers with high to extreme levels of stress reported poorer sleep quality, higher fatigue and lower productivity than their less stressed colleagues.

Workers who are more physically active, particularly those who increase their activity levels, were able to most effectively reduce their stress.

What are my options?

StepUp – Zen Meeting

Yoga class taught in the conference room setting. Expect overall stretching in a chair. Learn stretching and strengthening techniques you can use at your desk and breathing techniques that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Enjoy the guided relaxation at the end of the class. (Normal office attire.)


StepUp – Office Warrior

Invigorating yoga session on a yoga mat. Expect to go through a sequence of mindfully crafted poses that target the areas compromised by prolonged sitting and computer work. Expect to work out, release your mental tension, deepen your breath and rejuvenate. (Workout attire.)


From stressed out, anxious and fatigued to productive, focused and successful!

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